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Sauna Belt Side-Effects

Over the years the weight loss industry have introduced rather unconventional strategies and gadgets all promising fast weight loss. One of these gadgets, sauna belt, mainly intended for muscle and back pain relief resemble a long heating pad operates principally as a heating pad. Just like sauna therapy, once turned on it causes perspiration around the midsection by increasing the body temperature. However, the cost of weight loss through this strategy may make you think twice once you learn the associated side effects sauna belt .

While the heat produced by the sauna belt causes desired effects to the human body, it prevents the cooling mechanism of the skin around the areas in contact with the belt. This will ultimately increase the user’s risk of heat-related illness such as, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. The trapped perspired moisture pressed onto the skin around the belt also prevents proper thermoregulation. As a result, longer sauna belt sessions can lead to the development of skin rashes and acne.

Furthermore, if used improperly that is, using it longer than 50 minutes per day, the sauna belt can cause irritation or some burning of the skin (depending on the duration). Luckily, the human skin is extremely sensitive and the burning sensation would simply alert the user that he/she is overdoing it easily. However, if ignored, the belt will heat up the skin causing blisters to develop.

The sauna belt principally applies heat to selected regions causing the skin to sweat profusely. Using the belt above the recommended timeline commonly results to extensive loss of water and useful salts from the body. This unexpected water and salt loss subsequently causes dehydration and electrolyte imbalance respectively leading to symptoms such as thirst, headache, fatigue nausea, slow reflexes, irregular heartbeat, cramping and general discomfort. As a result, it is advisable to drink lots of water and electrolyte containing energy drinks while using sauna belt .

Additionally, there have been several claims without conclusive evidence that extensive use of sauna belts can cause damage to the both men’s and women’s reproductive organs and kidneys. It is claimed that the high levels of heat produced by the belt around the groin area causes fertility issues. However, scientists have proven that the high temperatures around the groin area for men denature sperms leading to reduced fertility.

However, if the sauna belt is used as recommended, that is, not used longer than minutes and worn slightly loosely without exceeding any recommendations desired effects can be achieved.